An Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines: Choosing the Right Gown


As you begin the hunt for your dream wedding dress, the endless possibilities can seem overwhelming. However, one important factor not to miss out is the different types of wedding dress necklines. The décolletage of your bridal gown can determine the overall look of your appearance, making it one of the top factors to consider as you narrow down your options. From sensual V-cuts to refined high-neck designs, read on to discover the types of wedding dress necklines to find which one can best capture your unique style.

Sensual V-neck wedding dresses

Ideal for brides wishing to highlight their décolletage and showcase their bold style, a V-neck wedding dress for an unforgettable look. Consider a dramatic, plunging neckline wedding gown as a design that balances out your proportions by drawing attention to the middle of your silhouette. The deep V-neck design creates a feminine hourglass figure, adding sensual allure to your bridal attire.

woman wearing a sleeveless princess-cut wedding dress with V-neck

Romantic off-the-shoulder wedding dresses

Capture the atmosphere of your special day by opting for an off-the-shoulder wedding gown. The soft drape of the sleeves creates a coquettish, romantic style that effortlessly accentuates your collarbones. Decide between sleeves with a tighter fit across your shoulders, creating a sleek, uniform look with the straight-line horizontal cut, or opt instead for a loose-fitting design, complete with the sleeves gently draping over your shoulders for a relaxed feel.

Refined high-neckline wedding dresses

For brides searching for more coverage and a timeless look, high-neck wedding dresses provide the perfect solution. Knowing the different types of wedding dress fabrics can also play a helpful role in finding the right design for you.  Pick out a lace wedding dress for intricate, floral detailing that delicately lines your profile. Alternatively, an illusion high-neck wedding dress in tulle highlights your modern style while allowing for extra support on your special day.

Boat neck wedding dresses

The scoop neckline is a timeless and versatile choice, allowing you to tailor your dream gown to capture your unique style. The cut’s gentle curve follows the natural shape of the bust, creating a soft and feminine look. Choose to either glamorize the design with a stunning, large necklace to cover your chest or accessorize with delicate pearl earrings and chocker for a more minimalist style.

Classic sweetheart neckline wedding dresses

Sweetheart wedding dresses reflect the romance of your ceremony with the top of the bodice in the shape of the top of a heart. Choose a ball gown wedding dress or mermaid wedding dress design with a fitted, more structured upper torso and a dramatic skirt to contrast against the décolletage, streamlining your waist even further and creating a feminine profile. 

woman wearing a mermaid wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline

Modern square-neck wedding dresses

Square necklines offer a sleek and elegant look with a structured bodice that captures your more modern style. The clean lines of the square neckline create a polished and refined silhouette, while the rectangular shape accentuates the collarbones and shoulders. The structured cut also gracefully highlights your chosen jewelry, framing it with your dress’ breathtaking fabric. Select a minimalist pearl necklace to match your satin gown or an artistic statement piece with vibrant colors for a stunning contrast. 

Asymmetrical one-shouldered wedding dresses

For brides who wish to set themselves apart from the crowd and achieve a distinctive look on their special day, consider a one-shouldered wedding dress as a unique cut. The asymmetrical design adds a modern twist to the classic wedding dress silhouette, making it an ideal statement piece on your special day.  The bodice draws attention to the shoulders and collarbones while elongating the neck, creating a graceful profile. Additionally, the diagonal line of the neckline can visually slim and elongate the torso. 

Retro halter wedding dresses

Halter neck bridal dresses not only showcase your strong shoulders, but also capture your vintage taste. As a fashion trend in the 90s, halter neck wedding dresses pay homage to an unconventional wedding dress era. Opt for an A-line wedding dress in a halter cut for a relaxed yet chic look or consider instead a sleek satin gown with a flared skirt for a breathtaking effect.

woman wearing a sheath crepe wedding dress with halter neck 

Whether you’re searching to make a statement with a plunging neckline or prefer to achieve a modern, minimalist bridal look with a square-neck bridal gown, knowing the unique aspects of different types of wedding dress necklines can help you narrow down the search for your dream gown. With this breakdown of some of the most popular choices in mind, you can continue the hunt to find the right dress for you, assured you’ll pick out a neckline that best captures your taste.  

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