When Should You Get Married: Best Months for a Wedding

When Should You Get Married: Best Months for a Wedding

Congratulations! You just got engaged, and you can’t wait to start your wedding planning process. From picking out your wedding colours to beginning the search for your dream dress, the process can seem overwhelming. One of the factors that can influence your bridal to-do list is selecting the best month to get married. Whether you prefer a winter wonderland ceremony or are hoping to tie the night in cheery springtime, knowing what makes some months better than others can help you narrow down the date. Uncover our helpful tips below on good wedding months for inspiration.

Spring: the best months for weddings with vibrant colours

March marks the end of winter, while April marks the beginning of the true spring season with frequent showers. In colder climates, March can be a difficult month to coordinate travel, as the snowstorms can still pass through, making it difficult for guests to arrive. However, May is known to bring flowers from April’s showers and can consist of sunnier weather, making it the best spring month to get married.  

Capture the cheery atmosphere of the season’s palette by opting for lighter pastels as your wedding colours. Pick out a range of pink bridesmaid's dresses for your bridal party, or consider a vibrant yellow. For the bride embracing the season's romantic spirit, a dreamy gown adorned with soft ruffles, or ethereal layers captures the essence of springtime allure with timeless grace. Match the blooming flowers of May with a lace wedding dress, compete with intricate floral detailing.  

DELILA vera wang bride

Summer: the best months for an outdoor wedding

In love with the sunnier weather? Consider selecting June, July, or August as the best month to marry outdoors. June is one of the most popular months for weddings, as it’s the beginning of the warmer season and traveling can be more difficult with the crowds in July or August. In climates with more extreme temperatures, June can also be a safe choice to avoid intense summer heat.

Imagine exchanging vows in a picturesque garden, or against the serene backdrop of a glistening waterfront. For the fashion-forward bride, a lightweight, ethereal gown with a flowing chiffon skirt perfectly complements the season's breezy elegance. Consider a mermaid wedding dress for a silhouette that suits your oceanside ceremony, adding simple accessories for effortless elegance.

Fall: the best months to have a wedding with rich hues

As the leaves begin their graceful descent, September marks the beginning of the fall season. The crisp air carries a sense of nostalgia, and the cooler temperatures allow a break from the heat for receptions during the day. For those who live in colder climates, consider early October for the perfect month to get married in a tapestry of fall colours, painting a breathtaking backdrop for a wedding of opulence.  

Stick with fall’s colour range with burgundy bridesmaids' dresses and guarantee an unforgettable photo opportunity. Pick out a venue with a rustic chic setting, adorned with candles, seasonal bouquets, and touches of gold to complement the natural reds, oranges, and yellows that scatter the landscape. For brides seeking sophistication, a statement gown featuring intricate embroidery, sumptuous velvet accents, or cascading layers embodies the essence of fall romance with timeless allure. Select a fit-and-flare bridal gown with an unforgettable skirt in layered Mikado. 

LEONIE vera wang burgundy dress

Winter: the best months for ceremonies in all white

Love the cold and wish to get married in the backdrop with white snowcapped mountains? Beginning of December can be the best month for a winter wedding as it begins to transform into a wonderland, offering a captivating backdrop for a luxurious wedding filled with warmth and enchantment.

Decorate your venue with candles to exchange vows in a golden glow.  

For brides seeking glamour, a gown featuring exquisite beadwork, plush velvet accents, or sumptuous fur details embodies sophisticated allure. Opt for a long-sleeved wedding dress in a ballgown style with a high neck, walking down the aisle in a refined bridal ensemble.  

While there may be some brides who prefer post-holiday celebrations, January can be one of the least popular months to ger married. Many people spend the end of December traveling to visit loved ones, so traveling for another ceremony early in January could be difficult to prepare for. Nevertheless, January can be one of the best months to get married in California or Florida, as the sunnier states promise better weather than elsewhere. Consider selecting the breathtaking vineyards of Napa Valley or the stunning tropical backdrop of the Keys.

ZURIA vera wang bride

Whether you’re hoping for a spring ceremony decorated with pastel shades or a winter wonderland gathering complete with candlelight, knowing which month is the best for weddings can be helpful in choosing the best date for you. From selecting the right decorations to picking out the perfect wedding dress for your ceremony, the time of year can affect most of the planning process. With these helpful suggestions in mind, you can begin selecting the best month for you and your partner and curate your wedding timeline today.

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