7 Amazing Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

After you say ‘yes’, the wedding planning process can seem overwhelming. However, in the midst of coordinating guest lists and choosing when to get married, one of the more fun decisions to make is announcing your bridal party. You probably know which one of your closest friends and family you want to have standing next to you on your special day, but how do you ask them? We’ve gathered a list of cute ways to ask bridesmaids to be in your party for inspiration.

1.  Personalized bridesmaid proposal boxes

One of the popular ways to ask your loved ones is through a bridesmaid or maid of honor proposal box. You can fill the box with necessities they may need for the special day, such as a coordinating eyeshadow palette, hair ties, and other custom accessories. Make the one for your maid of honor slightly different by adding in a note, a tumbler, or custom wine glasses with “Maid of Honor” printed on them. Also, consider making your proposal boxes with the same colors as your wedding theme, so your bridal party gets a sneak peek of your vision and what hues their bridesmaid dresses will be.

2. Simple bridesmaid proposal cards

Are some of your closest friends and family members in different cities across the country or the globe? Sending them cards in the mail can also be a cute bridesmaid proposal idea and ideal for long-distance friendships. Customize the stationery to your liking and write “Will you be my bridesmaid?” next to the potential wedding date so they can prepare a general travel plan. For a playful twist, consider adding confetti in the envelope as a surprise when they open it for a celebratory effect.

3. Cute bridesmaid proposal tote bags

Another unique way to propose to your bridesmaids is to provide them with a gift they can use daily. A personalized tote bag is perfect for the occasion, as they can begin using it the moment they receive it. Incorporate some of your wedding’s colors on the bag itself, choosing a design in similar hues. Alternatively, you can write “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” in your ceremony’s shades. For fall weddings, a tote bag with a burgundy print pairs nicely with burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Consider asking your bridal party to bring the totes with them to your bachelorette party as the perfect photo opportunity. 

4. Elegant bridesmaid proposal jewelry

Searching for a timeless piece your bridesmaids can continue to wear after your ceremony? Select a delicate necklace or bracelet as a bridesmaid asking gift. Picking out simple jewelry helps complete their wedding day look and allows them to mix and match it with their favorite pieces afterward. Complement the cool tones of blue bridesmaid dresses with a silver necklace, or opt for golden bracelets that pair well with the warm hue of your party’s pink bridesmaid dresses.

5. Fun bridesmaid proposal pajamas

Another gift idea to present to your bridal party is a set of elegant pajamas. Consider a sleek satin set in the same color as their dresses, and suggest they use them as a getting-ready outfit on the morning of the wedding ceremony. Opt for a white set for yourself and create a memorable photo opportunity before you walk down the aisle. Printing their initials on the edges of the shorts or on the pockets of the shirts customizes it to them. When they continue wearing the nightly uniform afterward, they’ll be reminded of the memories from your special day.

6. Themed bridesmaid proposal jackets

Searching for a unique bridesmaid proposal idea? Pick out a jacket to personalize for your wedding party. Write “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” on the back of them and match them with a “Bride” one for you. The gift is perfect for them to take to your bachelorette party, on your wedding day for a casual reception, or to wear at the end of the night. Match a denim jacket with chiffon bridesmaid dresses, or elevate the ensemble by opting for a leather jacket with satin bridesmaid dresses to achieve a refined yet playful ensemble.

7. Custom bridesmaid proposal makeup bags

A makeup bag is the perfect bridesmaid-asking gift for friends traveling from out of town. They can use it as a travel bag on the way to the wedding venue or bachelorette party and store their makeup in it on the day. Write their names on one side and either “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” on the other or consider an array of patterns in your wedding’s hues for a colorful collection.

Getting ready to ask someone to be your bridesmaid is a fun opportunity to create special memories together. Whether it’s sending them a card or surprising them with a box, hearing the enthusiasm in their voice when they say “Yes!” will make you that much more excited for your wedding day. With our compiled list in mind, you can begin brainstorming the best way to ask your bridal party to begin the celebrations.

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