What Should the Sister of the Bride or Groom Wear?

What Should the Sister of the Bride or Groom Wear?

Preparing for your sister’s or your brother’s wedding can feel both exciting and overwhelming. From helping to pick out decorations to organizing bridal party activities, a sister of the bride or groom provides the extra support the soon-to-be newlyweds need. One of the most important decisions includes selecting your dress. A fun yet challenging task, our guide provides helpful tips on finding your perfect sister-of-the-bride dress suited to both you and the ceremony.

What to wear if you are in the bridal party?

A sister of the bride’s or groom’s dress remains a significant part of the wedding planning process. Whether you’re a maid of honor or a bridesmaid, below are a few tips for selecting the right gown for the occasion. 

If you are the maid of honor

For sisters who have the special task of being the maid of honor, choosing an elegant bridesmaid's dress requires complementing the rest of the bridal party’s gowns as well as your sister’s wedding dress. Coordinating with the color scheme is best to ensure you match the wedding day’s theme. Consider suggesting a style in a pattern with similar hues to your sister’s bridesmaids so you gracefully stand out.

Alternatively, for a more subtle distinction between your dress and the rest of the bridal party, select a gown in the same shade but with a different neckline. Slip on an elegant V-neck design to contrast with the bridesmaids’ scoop-neck dresses. For bridal party gowns with a distinctive, high neckline, opt for an asymmetrical model for a stunning avant-garde look suited to your sister’s wedding theme.

If you are one of the bridesmaids

As a sister of the bride or groom, you may be asked to join the bridal party and match the other bridesmaids. Sometimes, the bride selects her bridesmaids’ gowns ahead of time, preferring that they all match one another.

However, some brides are more lenient and only require you to wear a gown in the same length and shade, but choosing your silhouette is entirely up to you. Consider opting for a mermaid-style dress to complement your curves and gracefully show off your feminine figure. For more modern weddings, uncover our playful floor-length jumpsuits.

Alternatively, select your bridesmaids' gown based on your sister’s wedding dress to create the perfect photo opportunity. Pick out an A-line dress that allows your sister’s mermaid design to stand out in stunning contrast. Alternatively, if she’s wearing a ballgown wedding dress, consider a fit-and-flare floor-length style that captures the glamorous atmosphere of her special day.

What to wear if there is no wedding party?

For smaller ceremonies without a bridal party, sisters of the bride and groom have more freedom when picking out their gowns. 

Selecting a dress suited to the season

Sort through an array of luxurious fabrics to find the perfect modern dress for your sister’s marriage based on the season. Consider our light tulle bridesmaid dresses that are ideal for spring or summer ceremonies. Similarly, our satin designs add a chic, subtle shine while remaining comfortably breathable for outdoor venues. 

For fall or winter weddings, slip on a long-sleeved design for a breathtaking sister of the groom's dress that also keeps you more insulated as you enjoy celebrating the happy couple.

Adhering to the dress code

Usually, browsing for a new ensemble for your brother’s or sister’s wedding is made easier by knowing the dress code. For black-tie weddings, stick to floor-length gowns in your preferred silhouette. If the ceremony is more casual, consider a short cocktail dress for a more versatile, laid-back style.

How to accessorize your dress

After you find the right gown for your sibling’s wedding, tailor the look to your personal taste. For long dresses with dramatic silhouettes, style your hair in a high bun to highlight the youthful design. Complete the classic ensemble with elegant drip earrings or a delicate necklace. 

Preparing for a seaside wedding? Achieve the relaxed beach wedding guest look by loosely curling your hair, adding in an avant-garde floral accessory, or opting for chunky heels suited to sandy ceremonies. Alternatively, consider incorporating family jewelry that tastefully frames your décolletage while adding a personalized final detail.

As a sister of the bride or groom, your supportive role on your sibling’s special day is both exciting and important as you help celebrate the newlyweds. Selecting your dress is one of the key details that can help the couple’s vision come to life. Whether you’re coordinating with the bridal party or standing out as a guest of honor, following these guidelines can help you find the perfect gown fit for the occasion.

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